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The 800 KVA BEST-Romani aerogenerator (wind turbine)

Nogent-le-Roi (France) 1955 - 1966

1950-1955 : The prototypes
The choice of the site
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Establishment of the site
The team
Design features
Comments on the wind turbine
Sights on the wind turbine
Close-ups on the wind turbine
The research station
The tilting of the wind turbine
1959: Record of production
Disassembling the generator
Some figures
1966: the scraping
Remains of the wind turbine
Great power wind turbines
Where are the archives?
Lucien Romani
L. Romani & O.N.E.R.A.
The wind turbine & N.A.S.A.
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Correctly, a visitor points to me some errors in the units used on the site
(confusion between Kilowatts, Kilowatt / hour, etc ...).
I'm apparently not alone, but as I am not a specialist, any help to correct these errors will be welcomed.



The single official picture of the Nogent-le-Roi wind turbine made at the request of the Direction des Etudes et Recherches of EDF
(End of 1958 or beginning of 1959)
© Techni-Flash Photo L. Masson 140 rue Falguière 75015 Paris.

The use of wind power to produce electricity is a subject in vogue proposed by the ecologist movement.
Many Internet sites in the World and in France are devoted to this subject and my objective is not to discuss here the pro and con.
On the other hand, I have been unable to find (in 2004) any web site reporting the existence, from 1955 to 1966, of the experimental great powerwind turbine at Nogent-le-Roi (France).

By chance, my father, Pierre Jean Cavey (†), who has been engineer at the Bureau d'Etudes Scientifiques et Techniques (BEST) created by Lucien Romani, has been responsible of the Station d'Etude de l'Energie du Vent at Nogent-le-Roi from 1956 to 1960.

It seemed to me that by creating this site, joining together pictures and technical datas gathered by Pierre Jean Cavey more than fifty years ago, could be of some interrest for the visitors.

The information published on this site comes from my father archives and memory. One will excuse the poor quality of the pictures : except for three of them, all are pictures amateur made with the means of that ancien time.

Are you working at Electricité De France?
Are you a wind turbine specialist?
Are you living at Nogent-le-Roi?
Do you have pictures, information or documents in relation with the BEST-Romani aerogenerator?

Send a mail.

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Techni-Flash Photo L. Masson 140 rue Falguière 75015 Paris.
Post cards " La Pie"
Pierre Jean Cavey (†) and Jean-Luc Cavey.

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