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Although Pierre Ailleret (1900-1996), Polytechnician and Directeur des Etudes et de la Recherche at EDF from 1948 to 1958 (Place of the United States in Paris) and André Argand (Ecole Centrale), Head of Energy Division of the Wind of this departmentform 1948 to 1966 (Street Hamelin also in Paris) have always ensured that the research on wind energy and experience of Nogent-le-Roi remains discrete, the press could not ignore such a device erected in the plain of Thymerais.

Several articles have been published which offer the advantage of setting specific dates. We have found a few.

Article (extrait)
Thursday, September 12, 1957   L'Echo Républicain   Page 3, Column 3: "Close to Nogent-le-Roi, a station for the study of wind energy is being installed."
Thursday, October 3, 1957   La République du Centre  

Page 2 on 4 columns one can see two photographs of the wind turbine at the end of construction. The cranes of the Société des Monteurs-Levageurs companies are still present. These two pictures are the oldest I know.

Thursday, November 21, 1957   La République du Centre  

Page 4, a block of twenty lines indicates that the previous day (November 20, 1957), in the morning, "the enormous engine has been in operating position" indicating that the wind turbine is close to be completely upright to the first time.

Friday, February 15, 1958   Le Parisien Libéré  

On the front, a picture of the vertical wind turbine unshrouded and partly tarpaulin is titled "What is this strange machine?". Page 5, Article 3 columns demonstrated optimism: "A giant wind turbine can produce electricity for the whole region" (sic).

Saturday, February 21, 1958   Le Figaro Littéraire (sic)  

Subtitle: "And the World's largest wind turbine has been born in Eure-et-Loir". Article, by Fernand Lot of 5 columns, page 11. A photo shows the nacelle of the turbine part tarpaulin for final refit.

May 1958   Contacts N° 11  

The only known article published by an official organ of EDF (Communication Department). Pages 5-9 in a story by Maurice Roche and Michel Brigaud. You can see a picture of the particular configuration "Y" which is highlighted on this site and the plaque at the entrance to the "Docking studies of wind energy".

Monday, September 29, 1958   La République du Centre  

Reads "Since Tuesday [September 23, 1958], the wind turbine [...] stands in the sky of Nogent-le-Roi." The photos show the wind turbine fairing. The implementation is therefore final. Page 2 of 2 columns. The journal title to front on the outcome of the constitutional referendum of 1958.

Friday, October 3, 1958   L'Echo Républicain  

An article mentions that "The wind turbine [...] will enter service in the coming days". But the photos, taken much earlier, show the wind turbine being completed. Page 4 of 3 columns.

Secondly, an article titled "Wind", the Quillet Dictionary in three volumes (edition 1963), is illustrated with two photographs. One shows a "wind wheel in Brazil" for pumping irrigation water, the other the « wind turbine generator of Nogent-le-Roi ».

Dictionnaire Pratique Quillet (1963)
(Cliquez sur l'image pour la voir à sa taille réelle).

Editions of the « Petit Larousse Illustré » of that era have similar articles.

The « Quid 2000 » indicates in the article « Wind Energy » : « France, Nogent-le-Roi (Eure-et-Loir), experimental wind turbine of 0.8 MW, 30.2 m propeller, worked from 1958 to 1962. ».

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