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Some views of the wind turbine without comment ...

The wind turbine up and almost complete (missing the fairing)
© Jean-Jacques Béguine
Resolution: 912 x 909
Eolienne_006_02.png Eolienne_006_04.png
Resolution : 935 x 1345 Resolution : 925 x 1325
Eolienne_006_05.png Eolienne_006_03.png
Resolution : 775 x 1117 Resolution : 930 x 1342
Eolienne_028_01.png eolienne_nogent-le-roi_099.png
Resolution : 894 x 616 Resolution : 649 x 659
Image provided by Mr Roger Tempète. Resolution: 600 x 882
On this photo of the wind turbine before full fairing and taken from an unusual angle, we notice details invisible on the other photos.
In the foreground, the research station is seeing from behind and the hangar housing the workshop.
Between the pylon and the assembly platform one can see the roof of the North winch.
In the distance, on the left, the shelter of the South winch and on the right the test blade placed parallel to the ground on support.
On the back of the photo it says:
SODEL S.A. 336-340 rue St-Honoré 75001 Paris 260-31-80.
© Mention obligatoire
Photohèque EDF
Michel Brigaud
Photo N° B882 bis/3 (which supposes that there are others)
(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

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