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In August 1973, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which was commissioned by the U.S. government (Richard M. Nixon) to collect information on wind turbines, fell on a 54 pages note written in French in May 1958 by the Direction des Etudes et Recherches d'E.D.F. (Service des Etudes et Recherches Hydrauliques - Division Energie du Vent). The N.A.S.A. did the translation.

I found this paper on the Internet Archives web site. It is titled « NASA TT-F-15037 Expérimental aerogenerator Type BEST - Romani - Description, Assembly, Test program ».

As I have no intention to translate it back in French, the original French version entitled « Aérogénérateur expérimental type BEST - Romani - Description - Montage - programme d'essai » would be welcomed.

However, the document calls for some additional information. The English text of 16 pages do not contain information that is not already on this web site. The illustrations, on the other hand, are more interesting:

  • Figure 1-b (page 19) shows a very interesting map of the facility. Only the dots A, B, C, D and E are still there in 2013,
  • Figure 2 (page 20) is a map of the wind turbine itself as seen from the hut that served as a command post during the tilting.
  • Figure 5 (page 24) is reproduced on this website (Design features of the wind turbine),
  • Figure 1 on page 31 shows a test wind turbine at the top of the great pylon at Saint-Cyr (1950-1955 : The prototypes),
  • Figure 2 on page 32 shows the scale model of the wind with my father beside. I have not experienced this complete model (as in the photograph): Only the tripod was in a shed on the site.
  • Figure 3 on page 33 shows the stress tests carried out on the fourth blade (the one which can be seen in the foreground, at the bottom, of the color photograph of the home page of this web site).These tests took place in Toulouse but I don't know where,
  • Figures 4-18 (pages 34-48) illustrate the construction of the wind turbine.

Obviously, if I could have the original in French, the illustrations would be better.

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