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In the late 1950s and early 1960s when information technology was virtually nonexistent and expensive, the research station was equipped with electrical equipment for measurement and control which may seem outdated today, but who were the state of the art at the time.

The station had the honor of the visit of Francis Perrin at the time Haut-Commissaire à l'Energie Atomique and of the General Engineering Marine Engineer Albert Caquot support of the project of the dam on the Rance (1961-1966).

Note: the three-phase 220 ​​~ 380 Volts / 50Hz current, which is distributed today in France, was not yet in those years. The station was supplied with three-phase 127 ~ 220 Volts / 50 Hz by the down transformer.

1- Transformer station:
  - Up transformer 3000/15000 volts.
  - Down transformer 15 000/127 ~ 220 volt three phase.
2- Photo lab (development measures).
3- Accumulator battery backup.
T- Control panel of electrical engineering,
4- Office of the director of the station and group converter.
5- Room for experimentation and measures.
6- Small workshop.
7- Entry.
E- Place for registration of the measures.
(from a drawing done free-hand and from memory by PJ Cavey May 6, 2004)
The measuring and control station viewed from the tripod.
Control panel.
Eolienne_024_02.png Eolienne_024_01.png
The global control panel and the electrical engineering control panel.
Eolienne_025_01.png Eolienne_025_02.png
On the right, behind the scenes (to the rear of panel).
Eolienne_024_04.png Eolienne_024_03.png
There were about 450 primary contacts, relays and contactors of all kinds.
Eolienne_027_03.png Eolienne_016_02.png

The austere office of the Director.

On the right the group converter.

This group converter 127 ~ 220 three phase,connected to the 50 Hz network of EDF, allowed to "turn" two direct current generators.
One (inductive) fed the inducer of the wind turbine generator;
the other fed a battery emergency accumulator placed on the other side of the bulkhead.
(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

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