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Almost all of the photographs on this site comes from the personal collection of Pierre Jean Cavey. However, as explained on prototypes page, after being hired on 1 January 1955, my father was first assigned to manage the small experimental station installed in the field of Institut Aérotechnique from Saint-Cyr L'Ecole.

During construction of the wind turbine, from the early civil engineering (December 1955) to the establishment of essential elements (late 1956), my father was doing weekly trips to Nogent-le-Roi to familiar himself with the machine he was called to lead thereafter. It has no pictures of that period.

The mounting of the assembly needed several successive failovers in order « to sit » the machine:

Initially the tripod was mounted vertically in situ by the Société des Monteurs-Levageurs.

  • A first tilt of the tripod allowed to don the pivot horizontally. All the tripod and pivot was then raised upright.
  • A second tilt was necessary to put in the nacelle and heavier equipment (gears, generator, clutch, disc brake). The machine was again replaced vertically and lighter equipment were hauled verticaly into wind turbine.
  • A third tilting allowed to install the blades. The wind turbine was ready for its first trials (November 1957).
  • The fourth changeover took place June 19, 1958 in order to implement the final fairing (Summer 1958).

The first three photos are not originals but come from the newspapers « La République du Centre » and « L'Echo Republican" ». They are of poor quality. Access to original and unpublished photographs of these newspapers would be welcome.

Photo of the tripod appeared in the Echo Republicandated October 3, 1958 but taken during assembly.
(in the background the mounting crane)
The tripod is finished, the pivot is in place and the blades but the nacelle lacks.
Photo of the tripod appeared in the Echo Republicandated October 3, 1958 but taken during assembly.
The nacelle is not yet complete.
Photo published in La Republique du Centre dated
October 3, 1957 but taken before April 1957 (date of first test).
Implementation of the fairing (Summer 1958).
Behind the cranes of the Société des Monteurs-Levageurs shelter corrugated iron winch North.
Implementation of the fairing (Summer 1958)
At the top of the pivot one see its upper platform.
Implementation of the fairing (Summer 1958)
The cylinder is seen between the nacelle and the hub housed hydraulic systems controlling the clutch, disc brake and locking.
(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

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