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Pierre Jean Cavey (†):

This website (first published in 2004) would not exist without the notes, photographies and memories of my father Pierre Jean Cavey, born December 24, 1921 in Saint Cyr l'Ecole (Seine et Oise) and died October 20, 2010 at Romorantin (Loir et Cher ).

Marc Rapin (O.N.E.R.A.):

Marc Rapin, a graduate of Arts et Métiers, he is Engineer responsible for the implementation of tools on the rotors and aeroelastic aircraft wings at O.N.E.R.A.. He is co-author (with Jean-Marc Noël) of« L'énergie éolienne Principes - études de cas »Dunod 2010 - ISBN 978-2-10-050801-3. I've corresponded with Marc and his book allowed me to complete the data by paternal archives he could find including O.N.E.R.A..

Raymond Saurat:

Mr. Saurat wrote to me « There is the EDF fund about a wind turbine construction firm created in 1944, November 17: Société d' Etudes d'Aeromoteurs (SETAM). A partnership between the Union d'Electricité et Setam has for goal to research in the field of electro-producing windmill. The fund 0.10 m includes studies of aero-engineering between 1944 and 1945. The claim file by EDF has been treated between 1946 and 1951. »

Guy Chanal (Alstom):

Monsieur Chanal m'écrit : « Just this short note to congratulate you on your website on the wind turbine of Nogent-le-Roi I just go through with great interest.
I worked for over 25 years in the company Alstom Power Hydro in Grenoble which is nothing else than the former NEYRPIC world famous for its turbines and other activities developed around multiple fluid mechanics since the beginning of the century last.
I have indeed heard by a wind turbine Neyrpic own development in the 60s.
If, on the occasion of an incidental finding in the maze of subterranean our archives I unearth some info, I will try to get them to you.
For my part I am the little son of a former district chief in the region EDF Massif Central, my father also worked for some 30 years and more and, being at Neyrpic, I'm in the project to install a micro-hydropower plant on the site of a former mill medieval Gevaudan in the (country of "the beast")
. »

Jérôme Billerey (Vergnet S.A.):

Mr. Billerey, CEO of Vergnet SA wrote to me: « I have read with interest the website for the wind turbine of Nogent.
Knowing a little of the history of this installation, I found many interesting information.
I have few comments to make, it seems to me that in some places, there is a small shell for the units kW (power) and kWh (energy).
Currently director of Vergnet SA, who worked for AEROWATT between 1983 and 1985, I am very proud of this story and thank you for putting a link to the website VERGNET SA.
If you do not mind, we will do the same on our side.
I mentioned to Jean Marc NOEL the existence of your work.
It is the source of AEROWAT and was President for nearly 15 years.
It should be able to clarify some historical issues regarding the BEST.
Eventually it may, I think, refer you to new contacts.
For your information, VERGNET protected the name AEROWATT and just reuse it to appoint a sister company of the industrial manufacturer Vergnet wind turbines.
The new company aims mounting administrative, financing and operation of wind farms, particularly in the DOM / TOM, or we have today 30,000 kW of installed capacity.

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