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When I started this site I only had the photographs in my father's possession.

Since then, I have been given other photographs which appear in the "Rauline report". It seems they are from EDF or may be the BEST. These photographs date from 1956.

I think it is useful to publish them and comment on them here.


Prototype being tested on the the largest tower of the IAT in Saint-Cyr l'École.

Stress tests on a test blade at the Aeronautical Establishment in Toulouse.
This is the blade in the foreground of the photograph on the home page of this website.
1:20 scale model of the wind turbine.
I remember the tripod that was stored in the shed on the site of the wind turbine.
The tripod alone during tests at the l'École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d'Aérotechnique 
of Poitiers (France).
Once delivered by the Société de Construction Métallique Besson et Lepeu in Montereau-Fault-Yonne, the pylon was assembled on site.
First tilting of the tripod for the assembly of the rest of the turbine.
On the left, between the house and the cable, you can see the two vertical IPNs on which the wind turbine will rest when it is completely tilted.
Assembly of the blades. Two of the blades are in position while the third is on the ground on the assembly platform. This view also shows the construction of the platform: the research station forms one branch of the Y while the other two are made of "Entrepose" type scaffolding tubes.
Placement of the nacelle on the axis of rotation of the propeller. Installation of the pivot.
In front of the crane, you can see the building that will house the north winch.
The photograph also shows how the tripod rests on its IPNs.
Leading and trailing edge assembly. Installation of the generator.
This view also shows the North winch shelter (foreground) and the ground test blade in the background.
The wind turbine is being straightened.
The command post can be seen in the background.
Locking of the south foot.
The almost complete and covered wind turbine is standing for the first time. The fully enclosed wind turbine
(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

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