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From Nogent-le-Roi, the site of the wind turbine was reached by taking the road to Ormoy (D26) and then the D148 (Courville road) along the castle wall in the direction of the place called "La Place". The site of the wind turbine, the remains of which can still be seen, was located about 2 kilometres along this road, which is now cut off by a bypass. As a result, the road layout and the plot of land have changed significantly.

These photographs illustrate the impression the visitor had when arriving at the Wind Energy Research Station.

Eolienne_005_01.png Eolienne_005_02.png
The D148 was called "Route de Courville" at the time. This road has since been moved.
On the left are the castle wall and the 15,000 volt MV line.
Eolienne_005_03.png Eolienne_006_04.png
Eolienne_005_05.png Eolienne_005_06.png
(Click on the pictures to see them at their real size).
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