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Lucien Romani was an unsatisfied researcher and was always on the lookout for new ideas. Thus, without waiting for the end of the Nogent-le-Roi experiment, he continued to research in the wind energy field.

The Office National d'Etudes et de Recherches Aérospaciales, and its wind tunnel at Chalais-Meudon, participated in this research. Here are some photographs of the prototypes developed and tested together from 1950 to 1964.

Click the pictures to enlarge.

Prototype BEST (Wind tunnel 1 Chalais-Meudon 1950)
© O.N.E.R.A.
  Prototype BEST 2 metres in diameter . (Wind tunnel 1 Chalais-Meudon 1960)
© O.N.E.R.A.
Prototype BEST bi-rotor (1960)
© O.N.E.R.A.
  Prototype BEST (1960)
© O.N.E.R.A.
Prototype BEST 2 metres (Wind tunnel 1 Chalais-Meudon 1961)
© O.N.E.R.A.
  Prototype BEST (1961)
© O.N.E.R.A.
Prototype BEST 4.5 metres (Wind tunnel 1 Chalais-Meudon 1964)
© O.N.E.R.A.
Prototype BEST - CIMAO - Phares et Balises (1954)
© O.N.E.R.A.
  Prototype BEST - CIMAO - Terre Adélie (1956)
© O.N.E.R.A.

(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

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