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Tilt animation .

This tilting sequence of the 150-ton wind turbine took 1 hour 15 minutes.

Decomposition of the tilting movement.

First phase: traction.
Eolienne_009_01.png Eolienne_009_02.png Eolienne_009_03.png
During the first phase, the North winch, whose shelter can be seen in the photo on the right (to the right of the group of spectators), pulled on the block at the platform at the top of the tripod to tip the turbine.
Eolienne_009_04.png Eolienne_009_05.png Eolienne_009_06.png
During this phase, the South winch was unwinding the cable and keeping it under tension.
This second cable was attached to the block that can be seen at the base of the South leg (on the left in the photos).

Second phase: restraint.

Eolienne_009_07.png Eolienne_009_08.png Eolienne_009_09.png
When the centre of gravity of the assembly left the support triangle formed by the legs of the tripod,
the station manager, whose command post was housed in the hut in the foreground, initiated the second phase.
Eolienne_009_10.png Eolienne_009_11.png Eolienne_009_12.png

(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

At this point, the south winch was braking the fall of the machine while the north winch was winding the traction cable.

The machine was righted in exactly the opposite order:
the south winch was in traction and the north winch in restraint.

The poor quality of the photographs, taken in terrible weather, is due to the age of the photographer.
I took these photos myself with my father's Semflex (type 3 according to P.H. Pont). I was barely 11 years old and my father, because of the risks,
had forbidden me to enter the field during the manoeuvre, which explains the presence of the fence in front of the lens.

Photographs were taken on 19 June 1958 during the tilting N° 4: this is the first tilting of the entire machine,
before the fairings were put in place, which took place during the summer of 1958.

Eolienne_009_03b.png Eolienne_027_06.png
The tilting device commented.
The command post from which my father, who was in charge of the station, directed the tilting manoeuvre.
In the background, the 60-metre pylon.
(Click on the pictures to see their actual size).

The tilted wind turbine

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